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Mareel EP


Recorded in May 2014 in Mareel in Lerwick, Shetland with the help of some fine musicians, Mareel EP is a Kris Drever production with Éamonn on banjo and tenor guitar.

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with Louise Thomason and Freda Leask on backing vocals; Graham Malcolmson on Double Bass; Margaret Scollay on Piano; Maurice Henderson and Ewen Thomson on Fiddles and Ross Couper on Fiddle and Snare Drum; Kris Drever on vocals, guitar and drums; Éamonn Coyne on tenor banjo and tenor guitar.


Kris’ musings on the EP:


Shetland is a place of extremes. From the long dark nights in winter to the almost endless summer days, life is battling against the wind and hastily grabbing the sun.


People must take their opportunities and recognise despair as an enemy to be fought with activities and skill. Musicianship here is almost a religion, an indispensable part of the social fabric. This is a good place to pick up a scratch band.


So that’s what Éamonn and I have done. The music is a collection of things we didn’t record on the last album, waifs and strays from our own repertoires and a selection of tunes from the eminent Shetland Fiddler Maurice Henderson.

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``On the evidence of this we might all benefit from a chance to meet the neighbours. Realistically, however, few of us would ever be likely to produce anything quite so memorable, or with such musical merit and sheer joy locked into its creation.``
Folk Radio UK


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