Mareel EP

Mareel EP

1. Wintermoon


2. Isles tunes

Anon – The Lady on the Island – The Cambridge


3. Moving on Song


4. Three Jigs-ish

Na Ceannabháin Bhána – Scartaglen – Up and About in the Morning


5. Oot an in da Harbour

Oot an in da Harbour – Da Crab an Da Capstan – Da Nippin Grund

Recorded in May 2014 in Mareel in Lerwick, Shetland with the help of some fine musicians:

Louise Thomason and Freda Leask on backing vocals;

Graham Malcolmson on Double Bass;

Margaret Scollay on Piano;

Maurice Henderson and Ewen Thomson on Fiddles and Ross Couper on Fiddle and Snare Drum;

Kris Drever on vocals, guitar and drums;

Éamonn Coyne on tenor banjo and tenor guitar.


You can read what Kris had to say about the process of recording the Mareel EP here along with some other background info on the project complete with great photos.