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Absolute Beginners Irish Tenor Banjo


A banjo tutor book I was asked to write for the “Absolute Beginners” series which came out in March 2015.

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A couple of years ago I was asked to write a banjo tutor book to add to the growing “Absolute Beginners” book series by the international Music Sales Group. And so I did in the form of “Absolute Beginners Irish Tenor Banjo” which came out in March 2015.


I hope some of you will get some use out of it.


Kris helped me out by backing the tunes for the download card (which we recorded on a day off in the middle of a UK tour) and I believe you can even play along to his backing without me present – a treat in itself!!


You can buy the book directly from me (and I get to make a few quid). I can sign it for you as well if you like!

``If you have always wanted to learn Irish Tenor Banjo but have never been able to find a comprehensive method, or you’ve just discovered its fantastically distinctive sound, this edition of the Absolute Beginners series is for you. With authoritative guidance and a convenient download card, this tuition book is perfect for any aspiring Tenor Banjo player.``
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