Old News – March 2005

updated 30th march 2005 – since feb 2004…


Somerville Theatre with Niall Vallely <span class='amp'>& </span>Matt HeatonI’m back again…

Well I finally made it to the States for St Paddy’s Day and did a show with Matt Heaton, Liz Carroll, John Doyle and Karan Casey and her band, Niall Vallely, Robbie Overson, Paul Meehan and Chico Huff. The show was Brian O’Donovan’s St Patrick’s Day Celtic Sojourn and was at the wonderful Somerville Theatre in Boston. We had a great show, which was not unexpected based on the wonderful musicians involved, and it was recorded for WGBH (radio) and may very well be available for public consumption some time. view pics

While in the Boston area I was looked after royally by Matt and Shannon Heaton of eatsrecords. I did a show at Springstep with both of them and along with the above mentioned Celtic Sojourn Show, a few other gigs with Matt along the way. I got to hang out at the Burren once again and had a few tunes with the Boston based musicians.

Of course life goes on back on these shores too and I was no sooner off the plane from the states when dear Toby of the Salsas informed me that I had a soundcheck in an hour and a half!! Last Saturday (26th) we completed 4 nights at Edinburgh’s own Jazz Club, Henry’s Cellar Bar – a welcome return for Salsa Celtica which first formed there ca eight years ago. The place was heaving, sweaty and vibey for the duration and we played some new tunes for the upcoming recording which we are about to do.

We first do a gig in Falkirk at the Town Hall (2nd April) and I get a chance to catch up with some old friends from my Chemistry days (daze) at Grangemouth which I am looking forward to with anticipation/intrepidation.

After the recording stuff (I am also doing some with Kris Drever) it’s off to Shetland for their 25th Folk Festival which I am looking forward to – catching up with some Shetland friends and travelling musicians (Alison Brown and gang included) is always great fun.

And that takes me to my birthday…but we won’t mention that!!

Don’t forget to sign my guestbook if you visit and remember, Christmas is always just around the corner and when it comes to pressies, aren’t cd’s very handy??!!


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